Carolinas HealthCare System

Healthcare is changing. Your life – and how we care for it – will change too.

TRUE. Healthcare is on an unsustainable trajectory.   TRUE. Changes must be made.   FALSE. Outsiders know the right solutions.

Make Your Voice Heard

If you are inclined to communicate about how proposed policy changes would diminish patient care, your voice can make a difference. Legislators are acutely aware of the letters, emails and phone calls that come to their office.

Contacting them is as simple as a phone call, letter or fax. If you agree that healthcare providers' ability to give quality care is being threatened, your legislative representatives will hear your voice. Collectively, our voice, can be very effective.

Find out who represents your healthcare future.
North Carolina General Assembly

A unique perspective from the inside.

On the outside there are policy makers, industry critics, strategists and journalists who claim to know the truth about what we do. And how best to treat the patients in our care. However, no one knows the critical details of these issues – and the resources at risk – more intimately than frontline providers.

As one of the largest providers of healthcare in the nation, Carolinas HealthCare System has a unique perspective because...we are the hand-holders, baby-swaddlers, chemotherapy administrators, good news-givers, bad news-breakers, tear-wipers, fund-raisers, medical educators and the "we will not give up on you" drum-beaters!

Unlike other industry "experts," healthcare providers have only 1 audience to consider – the millions of patients who count on us everyday to deliver one of life's most precious gifts: health.

The pressures on healthcare are real and ultimately patient access to care could suffer.

Community Benefit and Economic Impact

Since Carolinas HealthCare System is a not-for-profit system, all excess revenues over expenses are reinvested in new clinical programs, facilities and capital improvements that are needed to provide services that enhance quality and increase the availability of treatments. Last year Carolinas HealthCare System provided more than $1.25 billion in Community Benefit, including:

  • $472 million in financial assistance to uninsured patients, discounts to uninsured patients and write-offs for bad debt
  • $130 million for professional medical education, research and cash-in-kind donations, some of which are detailed below
  • a free dental care clinic that benefitted 2,000 low income adults
  • free screenings and health information about diabetes and hypertension to more than 700 participants
  • health and wellness programs to members of more than 100 religious congregations in the region
  • screenings for more than 2,000 high school students for cardiovascular and orthopedic issues at our annual Heart of a Champion program
  • 55,000 volunteer hours to other non-profit organizations
  • 33,000 meals for distribution in the region
  • safety classes to 1,350 school children, who were all fitted with free bicycle helmets
  • more than $1.2 million in medical supplies and equipment to non-profit organizations

As any economic development expert knows, having a strong community hospital with a wide array of services is a primary catalyst for attracting new businesses and industry.

In many communities served by Carolinas HealthCare System, our hospitals rank among the largest employers and provide millions of dollars of free or reduced cost care, plus additional millions in economic benefit that attract new companies with jobs and tax revenue.

More than 190,000 North Carolinians and about 80,000 South Carolinians are employed at the state's 110 hospitals in highly skilled jobs – 60,000 at Carolinas HealthCare System locations - with a combined payroll of more than $17 billion. Thousands of companies across the state benefit from doing business with their local hospital.