Celebrating the Centennial

Since its construction in 1913, Anson Community Hospital has provided care for thousands of Anson County residents.  As it nears its centennial milestone and begins its next 100 years, Carolinas HealthCare System intends to create an innovative, viable healthcare model in Anson County that provides high quality healthcare with a new facility and strong community partnerships.

What is Centennial?  What does Centennial mean for healthcare in Anson? 

Centennial is more than a 100-year anniversary.  The Centennial Development Project is a vision to better address the healthcare needs of the community and the patients we serve.  The manner in which healthcare has been delivered in Anson County cannot and should not be sustained, but should be updated with an innovative delivery model.  We intend to work collaboratively as a community to provide easier access to appropriate care for all citizens.

Centennial will build on Anson Community Hospital’s long history of providing quality healthcare to Anson County residents by creating a sustainable, long-term healthcare model that provides high quality healthcare through innovative partnerships and access to the right care for the right need at the right time.

 Why can’t the community continue to have the hospital as it is? 

Sustaining an outdated community hospital facility is no longer meeting the true healthcare needs of Anson County, and small communities all over the Carolinas and beyond are facing this same reality.  Carolinas HealthCare System is eager to invest in creating a better healthcare model and to meet these changing needs through the development of targeted health services, the creation of a new community healthcare facility and strong community partnerships. 

 What will happen to the current hospital?

Carolinas HealthCare System plans to replace the existing facility with a new, state of the art facility with 46,800 square feet that will serve as a patient-centered Medical Home.  It will be fully integrated into the new hospital, both structurally and operationally.  Traditional hospital services will be sized appropriately for current community demand, but will be flexible to adjust to future needs.  Key aspects of the hospital services are envisioned to include:

  •  Multi-purpose patient rooms
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Surgery and imaging
  • Pharmacy and laboratory
  • Better access to primary care that features a "patient-centered home approach"
  • Comprehensive patient navigation will assist patients who need to transition to other Carolinas HealthCare System services outside of Anson County.

What services will be in the new facility?

The Centennial Development Project will bring improved access to primary care, triage and treatment for urgent care, a 24-hour emergency department, inpatient beds, observation beds, digital imaging (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT scanner), full laboratory services and a pharmacy.  In addition, if services outside of Anson County are needed, access to services will available in a fully connected, fully integrated manner to Carolinas HealthCare System’s comprehensive healthcare services.

Anson County and Carolinas HealthCare System have an existing agreement.  Will that agreement need to be modified for CHS to move forward with its plans?

Yes.  Since the hospital - but not the nursing center - will move to a different location, subdivision of the existing real estate and a change in the manner in which the hospital is operated must be addressed in an amendment to the existing agreement and in new agreements with the County.

What new developments have taken place since this was first announced in early March?

A presentation was made by CHS to the Anson Board of County Commissioners at its regular meeting on April 3, 2012.  In its presentation, CHS proposed that:

  • Subject to receipt of regulatory approvals, CHS invest about $20 million for development of a new hospital in Anson County
  • CHS transfer ownership of the existing hospital real property to an entity controlled by Anson County.
  • The County, in return, relinquish all control of the new hospital and the nursing center going forward. 

What is the next step in the process?

Carolinas HealthCare System has filed a Certificate of Need (CON) application with the state of North Carolina to build a new facility.  A decision is expected by the end of November.

How does this project affect employees?

The entire Anson team will be affected by the excitement surrounding the planning and development of the new healthcare initiative in Anson County; communicating with employees frequently about this project is one of the top priorities.  In addition, over the next year to 18 months, there will be numerous opportunities to share plans for staffing the new programs.  This is just the beginning of the process and more details will be shared as plans for the facility are finalized. 

What specific services will the Centennial Development Project provide for the community, either alone or in partnership with other community organizations?

We envision a collaborative community services initiative that would evaluate and implement innovative wellness and prevention programs to build relationships with existing community networks, enhance existing programs and most importantly advance the health of the community. 

We want to promote a strong emphasis on wellness and disease management, through community intervention programs, collaboration with other established community-based social and health organizations and disease management clinics.  Beyond primary care services, the patient-centered Medical Home, in coordination with other CHS services, will lead all community outreach efforts, and coordinate on-site and remote services in collaboration with local community healthcare providers. 

Programs that have been proposed and may be offered by Carolinas HealthCare System include but are not limited to:

  • Faith-based community health services (parish nursing)
  • Financial support to re-develop the Healthy Ansonians task force
  • Patient navigation services
  • Transportation assistance
  • Mobile dental clinic
  • Wellness coaches
  • Enhanced intervention within the schools, including dietary oversight and coordination, and  improved health education
  • Sliding scale pharmacy and medication management counseling

Will we maintain or increase the total number of providers?

That question will become part of the Centennial planning and development process.  It's our intent to bring additional specialists to Anson County, including a family practice residency program.  We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss this in more detail in the weeks and months to come.

How will Centennial change the care patients receive in this community?

Centennial is about building on the rich 100-year history of healthcare in Anson County and about transforming and enhancing that care for the next 100 years.  Working in collaboration with healthcare providers throughout the County, Centennial will bring a higher level of care to patients than can currently be provided through the existing facility.  At the core of Centennial is the opportunity to create a true Medical Home and bring access to more of the services that Anson County needs so that relationships between physicians and their patients are enhanced.

If a patient needs care that won’t be provided by Carolinas HealthCare System in Anson County, where would they get it? 

Centennial is about greatly improving access to care for Anson County.  Advanced technology and our fully integrated network of care, including specialists and complex treatments at Carolinas Medical Center, will enhance access significantly beyond where it is today.  The proximity of Carolinas HealthCare System Union and the greatly enhanced services we have brought there over the past few years will serve as a convenient extension to the care available locally.  

Can we still use the hospital?  For how long?

Anson Community Hospital will continue to operate during the Centennial planning and development period right up until the new facility opens.  We anticipate this taking about 2 1/2 years.  The new facility will be an entirely new, modern, advanced environment with multiple services available all under one roof. 

Where will the new facility be?

Several sites are being considered; it will be located on U.S. 74 near Anson High School.

When will the new facility open?

The opening date hasn't been determined, but we anticipate it will open sometime in mid 2014.

What will happen to the nursing home?

The nursing home will stay open and continue to operate as it is now.

Why not just renovate the existing facility?

The existing facility was built in the 1950s and no longer provides the kind of space, flexibility and amenities that patients, families, physicians and other clinical professionals expect and deserve.  And the healthcare needs of this community, including access to high quality care and treatment, can no longer be sustained in the current hospital.  That care can best be provided in a brand new, multi-faceted facility.

How will patients be informed about the Centennial plans?

We are very excited about how Centennial will help transform patient care and the health of residents in Anson County.  Information will be available widely at the hospital and Lillie Bennett Nursing Center, at physician offices and elsewhere in the community.  Community meetings are being held to share information about Centennial.  A website has been set up where people can visit for up to date information and where they can ask questions.

Where can I get more information?

We'll have information available at many locations, including the hospital, nursing home, doctors' offices, drug stores and community centers.  We'll also reach out to churches, school groups and civic clubs with presentations that highlight the changes that are coming.  

We'll also provide the local newspapers with timely updates and information we hope will be shared, and we will keep the community updated through the website developed just for information about Centennial: