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In the days after a tragic accident, injury or illness, rebuilding one's life may seem out of reach; but each day, our patients reach their goals and beyond, thanks to their dedication and our dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals.

Using evidence-based rehabilitation practices, our rehabilitation teams support patients as they make their journey to building a life that is meaningful to them.

Each treatment team is led by a physiatrist, a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Depending upon each individual's needs, other members of the team could include rehabilitation nurses, pediatric-certified nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, psychologists, chaplains, social workers, rehabilitation engineers, recreation therapists, vocational counselors and respiratory specialists and many other health professionals.

Working collaboratively with the patient, and often, the patient's family members, our treatment team develops a plan to help the patient meet his or her goals and – get back to life!

"I have a hope for the future. I have a new life. Carolinas Rehabilitation has restored quality to my life."

- Diane "Nancy" Scheuer, Carolinas Rehabilitation Patient

In our Patients' Words

Cindy Shields

View Morgan Anderson's Story

See how the dedicated staff at Carolinas Rehabilitation, in Charlotte, NC, used advanced robotic walking therapy to help Cindy Shields, a little girl from Central America with motor skills challenges, walk for the first time.

Watch as Cindy shares her story.

Morgan Norris

View Morgan Anderson's Story

After a car accident left her paralyzed from the waist down, Morgan Norris turned to the expert staff at Carolinas Rehabilitation. With the help of Carolinas HealthCare System and groundbreaking exoskeleton technology, Morgan has shown significant progress during her therapy.

Watch as Morgan shares her story.

Robert Summerville

View Robert Summerville's Story

For stroke patient Robert Summerville, the rehabilitative staff at Carolinas HealthCare System played an integral part in combating a potentially devastating medical emergency.

Mr. Summerville and his family talk about the exceptional treatment and world-class care provided by the staff at Carolinas Rehabilitation Mount Holly, NC location.

Watch as Robert shares his story.

Dolly Jackson

View Dolly Jackon's Story

Dolly Jackson suffered a spinal cord injury in the fall of 2009 while trying to help her cat out of a tree. See how Carolinas HealthCare System's coordinated team worked together as One to improve Dolly's quality of life.

Her care team even collaborated with a community partner to get her a power wheelchair which would ultimately give her more independence and enhanced mobility.

Watch as Dolly shares her story.

Diane Scheuer

View Diane Scheuer's StoryDiane Scheuer had a hope for the future when she traveled from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania to receive a liver transplant at Carolinas HealthCare System. In early 2012, Diane’s health deteriorated rapidly and her physician suggested she come to CHS for transplant and the comprehensive care we offer.

Her journey to recovery is an inspiration. Watch as Diane discusses the amazing care she received during her transplant and rehabilitation.

Watch as Diane shares her story.

Ray Kluth

Watch as Ray shares his story.After being admitted to Carolinas Medical Center following a car accident, it was discovered that Ray Kluth had shortness of breath which led to the need for a ventilator and respiratory failure. His recovery led him to Carolinas Rehabilitation, where upon arrival he couldn't get from the wheelchair to his bed without assistance.

The three-hour therapy sessions intimidated Ray at first, but once therapy began he actually looked forward to it. With his strong internal drive and dedicated family, Ray was able to get up, move around and go home to a more independent life.

Watch as Ray shares his story.

Jashun Gaddy

Watch as Jashun shares his story.

In 2001, Jashun Gaddy, then a 21-year-old college student at East Carolina University, suffered a brain aneurysm. After weeks of therapy, Jashun was able to graduate from college.

To continue his rehabilitation and boost his confidence, Jashun worked with a job coach in our vocational services department who helped him land a job at a local radio station.

Watch as Jashun shares his story.

Johnny Ragland

Watch as Johnny shares his story.After being transported to a local hospital after a motorcycle crash, Johnny Ragland knew his whole life would change when doctors told him he had suffered a spinal cord injury; what he didn't know was how.

Since completing his rehabilitation and training here, Johnny has become involved with our Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program (ASAP). Today, he says he's more active than ever.

Watch as Johnny shares his story.

Megan McCauley

Watch as Megan shares her story.While riding a four-wheeler, Megan McCauley suffered spinal cord injury after her ATV crashed. Through rehabilitation, Megan has learned to cope with her new disability -- and in the process -- has gained a new focus on life.

Working day in and day out with her treatment team, Megan grew stronger and the staff became her second family. Her physician, William Scelza, MD, who is also a paraplegic, gave her the hope that life continues after a spinal cord injury -- and the courage to pursue a new dream.

Watch as Megan shares her story.

Ricky Gibson

Watch as Ricky shares her story.While working in commercial HVAC, Ricky Gibson fell off a ladder and suffered a brain injury. During his treatment at Carolinas Rehabilitation, he worked with physical, occupational and speech therapists who helped him relearn how to perform everyday tasks.

After his injury, Ricky was unable to return to his prior job; but thanks to his experience at Carolinas Rehabilitation, he decided to stay, this time as an employee. Ricky is now a rehab technician in the inpatient gym, which gives him to opportunity to meet with patients and watch them improve every day.

Watch as Ricky shares his story.