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Carolinas Gastroenterology Center FAQs

Q. Why is it necessary for me to fill out the paperwork if I'm already a patient of Mecklenburg Medical Group or Charlotte Medical Clinic?

A. Carolinas Gastroenterology Centers are separately licensed from the physician's office and require this information for your visit. This will also ensure up-to-date information is correctly logged in our system for your procedure.

Q. If I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment what should I do?

A. Please contact the scheduler with the physician's office you received the referral from.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about my prep?

A. Most of the prep instructions are located on the patient forms page. Locate your provider and download the instructions for the prep you are taking. If you have any other questions about the prep or prep instructions, please contact the physician's office with questions about prep.

Helpful Hints for Taking the Prep

  1. If you become nauseated while drinking the prep, drink a glassful every 20-30 minutes instead of every 10 minutes. It is more important to finish the solution!
  2. If you need to alter the taste of the solution:
    • Try putting a small amount of honey on your tongue before you drink the solution OR you may put a packet of Crystal Light Lemonade into each bottle (Movi-Prep or Suprep).
    • Other products may come with flavor packets. Try a flavor with each glass so you don’t end up with a whole gallon you do not like.
    • Refrigerate the solution a few hours prior to drinking it.
    • Use a straw to drink the solution.
  3. Only clear liquids are allowed after midnight and must be finished two hours before your arrival time. This can include coffee but black coffee only.
  4. You may feel cold or that you feel like you are coming down with a virus. This is a normal sensation. If you are not running a fever, please come on in.
  5. Apply soothing cream or ointments like A and D or Vaseline prior to starting the prep and reapply as needed and use flushable wet wipes instead of toilet paper to help minimize rectal / buttock irritation.

Q. What medicines can I take prior to my procedure or the day of my procedure?

A. Please refer to the instructions you were given or instructions available on this website under the patient forms page. If you have any other questions, please contact the physician's office.

Q. Who do I contact about billing information?

A. Please note that you may receive up to four (4) separate bills for your procedure.

If your question concerns:

  • Facility billing information, please call 704-512-4808.
  • Physician office billing information, please call 704-512-4808.
  • Anesthesia billing information, please call 888-280-9533.
  • Pathology billing information, please refer to your bill for the correct number.

Q. When will I receive the results from pathology or the lab concerning my procedure?

A. The physician's office will contact you within seven to 10 working days from your procedure. If you are not contacted within this time frame, please contact the physician's office.

Q. Who do I call about directions to the location?

A. If your procedure is at our Medical Center Plaza location, please dial 704-355-4178 (7 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday). If your procedure is at our Ballantyne location, please dial 704-512-2140 (7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday).

Q. Can I have someone drop me off at the facility and pick me up when my procedure is complete?

A. No. Patient safety is the most important aspect of our care. We need our patients to have an adult visitor (spouse, friend, family member, etc.) in the facility throughout the entire procedure.

Q. Can I use public transportation or a car service to get me to and from the facility?

A. Only if the patient's friend or family member is with the patient and will accompany him/her to and from the facility.

Q. Do you have WiFi within the facility?

A. Yes. A complimentary wireless Internet service is provided to all of Carolinas Gastroenterology Centers' patients and guests.

Please contact us if there are additional questions or concerns regarding the information listed above.


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