Carolinas HealthCare System

Center for Injury Prevention

  • Michael Gibbs, MD, Medical Director of Center for Injury Prevention
  • Janice Williams, MS Ed, Director of Center for Injury Prevention
  • Liz Agulira, Traffic Safety Specialist

Injury Prevention Research Summary

The Carolinas Center for Injury Prevention is active in several areas of injury prevention. Most activities center on the reduction of injury, public education and the development/translation of best practices.  Many of the activities are accomplished through developed collaborations within our local healthcare system units and with our local and regional community-based partners allowing the center to participate in a wide breadth of collaborative, multi-site, and independent research projects.

Research Interests

  • Traffic/Motor Vehicle safety which covers child passenger safety, teen driving, seatbelt use, policy changes, and education.  
  • Childhood Injury prevention in unintentional injury areas
  • Translational and Dissemination based injury prevention research across the ages
  • Healthcare and community-based injury prevention research across the ages

Major Research Activities

Past research activities have included:

  • Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions in the Emergency room
  • Safe N Sound- implementation of a computer-based injury prevention program in a healthcare setting
  • Assessing injury prevention activities in Children's Hospitals Nationwide
  • Evaluating 'Up and Away' to change grandparent medication storage habits
  • Evaluating a hands-on teen driving course

Current work includes:

  • Using first responders to increase DUI prosecution through better scene collection data
  • Evaluating a medication and falls prevention educational session to change parent behavior
  • Assessing accuracy of E coding for poisoning and other injuries (multi-site)
  • Development of a child abuse healthcare bystander training
  • Assessing a safe sleep policy on staff modeling in hospitals

Recent Publications

Williams J, Nansel TR, Weaver NL, Tse J.  Safe N’ Sound: a tool to prioritize injury messages for pediatric healthcare. Fam Community Health. 2012;35(3):212-24 June 2012. PMID: 22617412

Brixey SN, Zimmerman H, Weaver NL, Williams J, Guse CE, Corden T, Gorelick M, .   Prescription for Safety: A novel approach to integrate injury prevention and clinical care, Pediatric Academic Societies April 2012 Boston MA.

Weaver N, Brixey S, Williams J, Tonja N-   Promoting correct car seat use in parents of young children:  challenges, recommendations, and implications for health communication. Health Promot Pract. 2013;14(2):301-7. PMID: 22991278

Williams J, York J, Evaluation of a Hands on Driving Class for Young Drivers to Reduce ADE’s.  Lifesavers April 2014

Agarwal M, Williams J, Tavoulareas D, Studneck J,  A Brief Educational Intervention Improves Medication Safety in Grandparents of Young Children, A Pilot Study.  PAS, SAVIR May 2014

Tse J, Nansel T, Weaver N, Williams J, Botello Harbeaum M.  Barriers and Facilitators to adoption of a childhood unintentional Injury Prevention Program- In review

Kortlandt V, Weaver N, Williams J, et al.   Injury prevention programming in children's hospitals what does it tell us?   - in review.

Current, Recent and Pending Grant Support

Grant Title: Wrapping Interventions around Young Drivers
Funding Agency: Governors Highway Safety Program
Role: Development of programs for young drivers
Years: 2013-Present

Grant Title: Developing a scienceBiochemistry Curriculum to educate high schoolers on the dangers of prescription drugs
Funding Agency: American Medical Association
Role: Development and Evaluation
Years: 2013-2014

Grant Title: Developing a child abuse training for healthcare bystanders
Funding Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Role: Advisory Team
Years: Pending

The Center is also programmatically funded through several National Safe Kids grants on a rotating basis.