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Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. With so much to think about, questions about future reproductive challenges and fertility often get overlooked. However, this is the most critical time to address concerns about conceiving after cancer.

REhope helps patients understand how their diagnosis and recommended treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) may affect fertility. Our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists work hand in hand with each patient's cancer treatment team to integrate a fertility preservation plan into the cancer treatment regimen so future family-building options may be preserved.

Our physicians review any available data regarding the potential impact of the patient's cancer treatment and have a discussion regarding future fertility options depending on what is most appropriate for the patient. After the appointment, our physicians work closely with the referring provider to review the management plan. The fertility treatments are tailored to the type of cancer and the recommendations of the oncologist.

We understand time is of the essence when dealing with a cancer diagnosis and strive to see patients within 48 hours of referral. Please call 704-446-5110 to speak with our REhope patient care coordinator for more information or to schedule an appointment. At the appointment, we also offer a financial assistance consultation and immediate sperm banking when possible for male patients.

Financial Assistance

The costs of cancer can be very high and difficult to manage—not to mention adding the costs of fertility preservation. The good news is that we are designated as a "Sharing Hope" Financial Assistance Program Provider and financial assistance may be available. Ask our REhope coordinator about this to learn more.

Fertility Preservation

Call 704-446-5110 to speak with a REhope patient care coordinator for more information or to schedule an appointment.

*All offerings are not available at each Levine Cancer Institute facility site. Please visit our cancer events page for more information.

REhope Fertility Treatment | Levine Cancer Institute REhope helps patients understand the affect cancer treatments may have on fertility and fertility preservation for women, men and adolescents.