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Desserts: Exotic Fruit Parfait


Creamy layer:
12 oz. low-fat (or fat-free) light lemon yogurt
12 oz. low-fat (or fat-free) light French vanilla yogurt
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. orange extract

Fruit layer:
1 C. rinsed well-drained fruits for example: mandarin oranges, sectioned orange slices, sliced banana, sliced kiwi, or raspberries.

8 fresh mint leaves sliced very thinly crosswise
2 T. pomegranate seeds or if not in season, 1 T. orange zest (with a fine grater, grate off the very thin outer orange colored layer without any of the white layer attached).

Crunchy Layer:
1/2 C. low-fat, low-sugar, granola mix or favorite crumbled up low-fat granola bars (try Kashi Crunch Cereal or a Honey Oat Nature Valley crunchy granola bar crushed, or Kellogg’s low-fat granola with or without raisins)


Mix all creamy layer ingredients together. Divide 1/2 of this creamy mixture between 4 narrow tall stemmed glasses, such as parfait or champagne glasses. Set aside the other for the top layer. Add on top of the creamy layer in each glass, a layer (about 2 T.) of granola mix or crumbled up breakfast bar, then 1/4 C. layer of well-drained fruit of choice. Split the remaining creamy mixture between each glass and garnish the creamy top layer with fresh mint strips and finish with pomegranate seeds or orange zest. Note: The creamy layer of this parfait makes a wonderful fruit dip. So if you want a less formal dessert just cut up fresh fruit and serve with this creamy exotic dip.

Serves: 4

Exchanges or food group servings: 1 STARCH, 1/2 FRUIT, 1 DAIRY

Nutrients per serving: CALS 173; PROTEIN 8.0g; CARBS 34g; FIBER 3.5g; TOT FAT 1.1g; SAT FAT 0.3g; SODIUM 133mg

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