Elective Opportunities:

  • International Medicine
  • Critical Care
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • Advanced Ultrasound
  • Resident as Educator
  • Sports Medicine
  • Radiology
  • ED and Hospital Management
  • Research
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Infectious Disease
  • EM Community Hospital
  • Community Service

For residents with a career interest in a particular area, pertinent electives can be coupled the resident's scholarly project to create individually focused "mini fellowships" in that area.


Simulation: Emergency medicine, by nature, is filled with critical, low-frequency procedures and patient presentations. At CMC, we supplement the residents' robust clinical experience with a high-fidelity simulation curriculum to ensure that learners are comfortable with the full-spectrum of our specialty. The curriculum uses a combination of high-fidelity mannequins with touch-screen technology, task trainers for procedures, standardized patients, and actors that play the part of nurses and family members. We concentrate our efforts on making the experience as realistic and high-yield as possible.

Once per month, residents attend a half-day session that is a combination of clinical cases and procedures. Multiple faculty members attend as well, giving give real-time teaching and feedback. Twice per year, we also have a block session in which each resident gets his or her own case and small group feedback session. The time during the block session is protected, and all residents attend - even if off-service. This July, we had our first "Second-Year Critical Care" session, in which each second year resident had the opportunity to run codes and critical care cases. In the future, we are planning to explore adding to our curriculum wilderness medicine cases, resident-written cases, and optional simulation.