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Sarah Beer

Sarah Beer, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Undergraduate: University of Georgia

Philosophy: "I believe a primary care physician not only recognizes and treats an individual's medical needs, but also promotes their emotional and social health as a whole person and as part of family unit throughout their lifetime."

Jonisha Brown, MD
Medical School: Wake Forest
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Philosophy: "In medicine I believe that the highest level of care is attained when a physician seeks to first learn the patient and then treat their symptoms. Ultimately my goal as a physician is to encourage all patients to become active members in their healthcare experience."

Stephen Carek, MD
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Undergraduate: Clemson University

Philosophy: "As a family physician, my mission is to provide life-long, comprehensive and personal care for all people. I want to define the patient-physician relationship as an educational and enriching experience, one that promotes well-being and health while protecting the best interest of the patient and their families in an evolving health care system."

Nelius Macharia

Nelius Macharia, MD
Undergraduate:  Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Philosophy: "Being a Family medicine physician allows me to have a great rapport with my patients and I am able to connect with them on a  Physical, social and emotional level. This also  gives me great joy to be to part of their entire lives and be able to share their pains, and life joys throughout their journey."

Scott Mikell, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Undergraduate: Georgia Southern University

Philosophy: "My family physician began caring for me from a young age. He was a physician to my grandparents, my parents, as well as my brother and me. More than that, however, he was a friend, a mentor, and like a member of our family. For any and all problems, medical or not, he would lend a hand. This is the type of physician that I constantly strive to be. Someone who treats the whole person and is willing to go the extra mile for any individual in need."

Kendra Richardson, MD
Medical School: Meharry Medical College
Undergraduate: North Carolina Central University

Philosophy: "As a family medicine physician I will deliver the highest quality of health care in all aspects of a patient’s life as well as establish and maintain continuity of care with the entire family."

Cameron Simmons, MD
Medical School: Louisiana State University
Undergraduate: Wofford College

Philosophy: "Being from a small town I understand and cherish the value of the doctor-patient relationship. A patient’s health is about communication and trust that allows the doctor-patient team to treat the total person."

Edmire Souffrant, MD
Medical School: University of Florida
Undergraduate: University of Florida

Philosophy: "Being a family physician is not only about treating the body, it’s an opportunity to heal the mind as well as the spirit. As a physician I get to serve as an advocate for my patients’ needs and provide care for the community at large."

Christopher Vieau, MD
Medical School: Virginia Tech Carilion
Undergraduate: Manhattan College

Philosophy: "I believe that health is something that we share. That through collaboration and conversation we can form a therapeutic bond that can improve your health and lessen the burden of disease. I promise to share with you my knowledge of medicine, and treat you with compassion, respect, and kindness."

Eric Wilder

Eric Wilder, MD
Undergraduate: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine

Philosophy: "I strive to create a therapeutic environment of trust with compassion and communication. I encourage my patients to ask questions and explore more about their diagnoses. I want to practice medicine while keeping my patients in the driver's seat of their care."

Jonathan Wilson, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Undergraduate: Covenant College

Philosophy: "My favorite author Wendell Berry says that physicians “are properly obliged to acknowledge and respect the holiness embodied in all creatures, and that our healing involves the preservation in us of the spirit and breath of God.” It is my goal to treat each patient like I would a member of my own family, to love my neighbor as myself. Family medicine provides an avenue to sustainable, evidence-based, efficient care encompassed in an honest relationship that will ultimately result in healthier patients, families, and communities. I'm humbled to be a small part of this process of restoring health and wholeness, so that my neighbors are empowered to lead fruitful and full lives."