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FAQs for Microbiology Mycology and Virology

When will my final culture results be ready?
Culture  No growth/ negative preliminary result after Final report after
Acid Fast Bacillus 1 Day  6 Weeks
Fungus 1 Week 4 Weeks
Blood 1 Day  5 Days
Wound-swab 1 Day 2 Days
Wound-tissue 1 Day  5 Days
Wound-bone 1 Day  5 Days 
Urine   1 Day 
Throat screen 1 Day  2 Days
Fluid 1 Day  5 Days
Anaerobe 1 Day  5 Days
CSF 1 Day  9 Days
BBS  1 Day  2 Days
Stool  1 Day  2 Days
Parasitology screen   1 Day 

Note: All positive cultures will have a preliminary report released as the growth is observed. The release of the final report is dependent on the extent of workup required.