Carolinas HealthCare System
Bradley Hurst, MD

Bradley Hurst, MD
Director of the Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (RMI) Center

Outcomes at Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Center Exceed National Average

Since opening in November 2013, the newly expanded Carolinas HealthCare System’s Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (RMI) Center has achieved remarkable outcomes.

Early pregnancy outcomes are significantly above the national average, highlighted by an ongoing pregnancy rate of over 50 percent for IVF in couples with women 35 years and younger and over 60 percent for frozen embryo transfers. 

Single embryo transfer has become the procedure of choice for many patients, as it reduces the incidence of twins, which pose a much higher infant and maternal risk and cost 10 times more than a single birth. As a result, the RMI is now recognized nationally as a provider with the ability to deliver these excellent live birth rates and low multiple birth rates.

RMI’s board-certified reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialists include Bradley Hurst, MD, Paul Marshburn, MD, Michelle Matthews, MD, and Rebecca Usadi, MD. This team and their staff performed a record-breaking 145 procedures in just three months this year.

“Couples from as far away as Canada have come to the center here for our assisted reproduction procedures,” said Dr. Hurst, director of the RMI. “We help our patients conceive using an extensive variety of techniques and procedures, including IVF, frozen embryo transfers, fertility preservation for cancer patients, egg donation, and preimplantation genetic screening.”

The new laboratory facilities include a rigorously controlled environment with highly purified air, a relaxing spa-like environment for patients, and a devoted and experienced team of professionals including embryologists, physicians, and nurses. Learn more about the center.

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Patients donate $50,000 for IVF Family Fund.
Optum Names Carolinas HealthCare System an “Infertility Center of Excellence”

Optum, a health services and technology company that provides medical management services to health insurers, has named RMI as a “Center of Excellence” for the second year in a row based on their high success rates and low rate of multiple pregnancies. Optum reviews the outcomes and administrative structure of reproductive medicine programs on an annual basis. Based on their review of centers, they designate practices across the country as Centers of Excellence. Patients with insurance affiliated with Optum have preferential coverage for receiving care at Carolinas HealthCare System.

Aetna IVF Institute of Excellence

Aetna Insurance announced that the Carolinas HealthCare System’s Carolinas Medical Center Program for Assisted Reproduction was accepted into the Institutes of Excellence Infertility network effective May 1, 2014. The clinic’s acceptance was based on meeting all the criteria for credentialing, access, and contractual terms. Clinics in the Institutes of Excellence network will be recognized and identified in member directories.