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Corporate Health & Wellness Creates “Fit-For-Duty” Test For Local Companies - Archived
A unique "fit-for-duty" test has been developed for a local construction company to gauge physical capabilities for potential employees before the employee is hired. The fitness exam, developed by Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS), incorporates a comprehensive range of services and can be tailored to a company's specific needs to help reduce worker’s compensation claims.

Wayne Brothers, Inc., a Kannapolis construction company, became interested in pre-employment testing last year when several employees were found physically unable to lift the required amount of materials and supplies after they started work. The company approached CHS about creating a more extensive test to indicate which potential employees could complete the necessary level of work and also to improve overall safety.

“Any labor-intensive company can benefit from a Fit-For-Duty exam,” said Jason Sisk, Safety Director at Wayne Brothers. “Carolinas HealthCare System brought together its internal parties to provide the resources we were looking for to satisfy the specific requirements that we feel each potential employee should be able to demonstrate. The exam has significantly lowered the severity of our worker’s comp claims, and we have benefitted tremendously from it.”

Of more than 200 potential Wayne Brothers employees who have been screened since last October, there has been an 80-82 percent pass rate, Sisk said.

The Fit-for-Duty exam incorporates an extensive range of CHS services that can include occupational medicine, rehabilitation, and urgent care locations. A board-certified occupational medicine physician performs the initial physical exam, which an applicant must pass before continuing the process. The subsequent Fit-For-Duty exam is conducted at either CMC-NorthEast Rehabilitation or at Carolinas Rehabilitation, which has multiple locations. Once the results of the Fit-For-Duty exam have been collected, the employer is contacted by email. Based on the results of the exam, the employer makes a decision on proceeding with the hiring process.

The Fit-for-Duty exam can be customized to address specific concerns for any company that wants to validate an employee’s ability to perform the level of physical work required for a position.

“Carolinas HealthCare System's Corporate Health & Wellness team offers solutions to employers, and can tailor services so that they respond directly to an employer’s needs,” said Betsy Hayden, Director of Corporate Health and Wellness at Carolinas HealthCare System. “Access to comprehensive services is crucial to companies that want excellent healthcare for their employees.”