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Holiday Eating Strategies – Making Every Good Bite Count

Holiday Eating Strategies - Making Every Good Bite Count

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If you’re like many Americans, you probably greet the New Year one clothing size larger. The “season of eating” starts at about the time you pack away the Halloween costumes and continues right on through to when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Adrian Hurst, DO, from North Charlotte Medical Specialists-Huntersville, part of Carolinas HealthCare System, says to make this year’s celebration a little lighter but no less festive, prepare yourself with strategies to control what and how much you consume. “There are definitely ways to stay on track with a healthy eating plan – even in the face of those tempting holiday goodies!” Hurst adds. Here are a few!

Volunteer Your Stove

When it’s time to bring food in to the office for holiday celebrations, put your hand up to bring a dish or special treat. This way, you get to choose something healthy that aligns with your smart eating strategy. A fruit or vegetable tray, low-fat cheese plate or a whole-grain baked goodie is always appreciated.

Move Away From the Munchies

It may sound obvious, but putting space between yourself and the chip bowl at a holiday event is step one in controlling your urge to mindlessly nibble. Migrate toward the opposite side of the room to boost your resolve and your networking efforts!

Get the Lay of the Land

Walk along the entire buffet or refuse passed hors d'oeuvres until you’ve seen all of the choices being offered … before you taste even one thing. The best way to manage your calories is to be selective about how you’ll treat yourself. If you simply load your plate with a bit of everything, you’re more likely to overeat. Be choosy, and then you can both appreciate what you’re eating and allow yourself a higher-calorie treat that won’t completely negate your healthy choices.

Treat Yourself

If you look forward all year long to the appearance of Aunt Peggy’s peanut butter pie on the Thanksgiving or Christmas buffet, make allowances for the rest of your meal. Load your plate up with salad and vegetables, bypassing the candied yams and buttery mashed potatoes, so you can take part in that peanutty tradition.

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