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Control Your Blood Pressure And Protect Your Heart

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High blood pressure has no symptoms, so it can’t be detected without being measured. “Given that high blood pressure greatly increases your risk for heart disease and stroke, it’s important to know your numbers,” says Kira Colbert, MD, with Mecklenburg Medical Group-Uptown, part of Carolinas HealthCare System.

Dr. Colbert offers these tips for keeping your blood pressure low and keeping your ticker tip top.

1-Know Your Numbers

Have your blood pressure checked each year at your annual exam. According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure readings in the healthy range are less than 120 systolic (the upper number) and less than 80 diastolic (the lower number).

2-Get Your ZZZZZs

Getting a good night’s sleep sets you up for a low-stress day. Set up a routine to follow every night. Try a series of stretches before bed, simple breathing exercises or a hot shower. You’ll feel more relaxed and ready to ease into sleep.

3-Eat Up

Eat well-balanced meals with healthy snacks (like Greek yogurt and fresh fruit) at regular intervals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar, and your mood, even!

4-Turn Off the Tube

Too much screen time can lead to behaviors that are less than healthy. And, any time spent watching TV on your couch is time you aren’t spending doing your body good: walking, working in the yard, meditating.

5-Work it Out

Be active at least 30 minutes each day. Your heart is a muscle! Exercising that muscle will help it work more effectively and keep blood pressure low.

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