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Rise 'n Shine - And Do It Again Tomorrow

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If the snooze button on your alarm clock has become your best friend, it may be time to examine your sleep habits.

You’ve probably heard you need eight to nine hours of sleep a night, but the reality is your body (and mind!) may require a little more or a little less. “The key is making sure the sleep you get is consistent and good quality,” says Matthew Thomas, MD, with Barnett Family Practice, part of Carolinas HealthCare System.

Consistent ZZZZZs

Like anything else in life, if you want to succeed, you need to plan. Make your bedtime routine simple, and make it sacred. It can be as simple as nudging your thermostat down a few degrees to make it cooler in your house at night. Dr. Thomas offers these tips for slumber success:

  • Set your alarm clock for bedtime! When you hear the alarm, it’s time to begin your sleep preparation. 
  • Put your electronics, including your phone, iPad, laptop and e-reader in another room to charge overnight. 
  • Don’t vary your bedtime and waking time more than 30 minutes on any given day. Going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time goes a surprisingly long way in making you feel more rested. Try it for three days: go to bed at the same time; wake up at the same time. If you succeeded, try it for another three days.
  • Go about your bedtime routine in the same order each night. If you put your PJs on, brush your teeth and then wash your face, do it in that order each night.

If, after getting the recommended hours, you are still having difficulty staying awake or concentrating during the day, you may have a different health problem. Sleep disorders are common and treatable. Discuss serious sleep issues with your doctor.

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