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Get the Whole Crew Moving

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Like any other positive (or negative) influence, focusing in on it early in life tends to make it stick. If you grew up in a family that walked every night after dinner, chances are good doing that as an adult makes you feel good. You associate positive memories with the activity, and it just feels … well … right. Giving your own children the same gift of healthy activity is something they will certainly appreciate later in life, too.

The best way to go about weaving physical activity in “family time” depends on the interests and needs of Mom, Dad and kids!

For some families, organized sports are the best way to make sure the kids are physically active on a regular basis. Many kids play a sport that has practice during the week, which automatically works exercise into the schedule. The busy practice schedules – especially with multiple kids in different sports – can be a bit much for some families.

For those families who crave more balance, consider broadening the definition of physical activity. “Being active as a family doesn’t necessarily mean packing the kids up and heading to the gym,” says Tara Branton, MD, from
Weddington Family Medicine, part of Carolinas HealthCare System. “You could work in the yard pulling weeds every Saturday morning; load your bikes in the car for a family ride on Sunday; take a walk after dinner each night; or play a dance game on the Wii!”

 Making these activities fun, keeping the mood light and making sure everyone is relatively happy is helpful.

Fitness Sneak

Family fitness time doesn’t have to be another chore. Making it part of the weekly routine – and weaving it into your schedule in unexpected ways – is a great way to make sure your family is creating habits around being active. A few sneaky ways to insert movement into your day:

  • Turn the music up and have a dance party! Dad might surprise you with his smooth moves.
  • Walk the perimeter of the soccer field while your daughter has practice or a game. She will be impressed by your commitment to be active while she’s being active!
  • Make it a point to visit every public park in your area and walk the trails. You could pick a different one each weekend and then hit your faves again when you’ve made it through all of them. 
  • Create a flower or vegetable garden in your yard. Digging, preparing soil and tending to a garden is a great workout that yields beautiful results.
  • Sign up for a charity walk or run every quarter of the year. Let the kids pick what cause they want the family to support.

Find Balance and Be Fit

If you’d like to talk to a primary care physician about ways to incorporate more activity into your family’s schedule, call 884-881-2180 or complete an online request form to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider at Carolinas HealthCare System.