Carolinas HealthCare System
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CMC-Lincoln Earns National Award for Environmental Excellence
“From the moment we laid the first recycled brick for this hospital, we’ve had a focus on sustainability."

Teresa Watson
Vice President, Administration

Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln, part of Carolinas HealthCare System, was recognized with a national award for its demonstrated commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Along with Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, CMC-Lincoln was honored with Practice Greenhealth’s Partner for Change Award, which recognizes health care facilities that have established environmental programs and have worked to continuously improve and expand upon these programs on the path to sustainability.

“We believe that a healthy community starts with a healthy environment,” said Pete Acker, president of CMC-Lincoln. “We’re proud to receive this award, which recognizes the efforts we’re making to put this belief into action.”

How CMC-Lincoln Goes Green

To receive the award, CMC-Lincoln demonstrated implementation of a number of successful efforts, including recycling nearly a fifth of its total waste volume and participating in initiatives to create “green ORs” by reprocessing materials and diverting waste produced in its operating rooms. The hospital also significantly outperforms national benchmarks for the amount of waste it generates per full-time employee, and is set to reduce its paper waste even further with its recent adoption of electronic medical records.

CMC-Lincoln also was cited for environmentally friendly features such as the use of an electric vehicle to maximize fuel efficiency while transporting patients and visitors around hospital grounds. Additionally, the hospital was recognized for the green features that went into its very construction, including reclaimed brick salvaged from a local mill, a highly reflective roof to reduce harmful atmospheric heat, and a rain garden to serve as a wetland for aquatic vegetation.

“From the moment we laid the first recycled brick for this hospital, we’ve had a focus on sustainability,” said Teresa Watson, vice president of administration at CMC-Lincoln. “Through continued efforts – from recycling to going electronic – we’re carrying that commitment through the present and into the future.”