Carolinas HealthCare System
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System Launches Mobile App with Cancer Clinical Trials Search Feature

Carolinas HealthCare System recently launched a cancer clinical trials search feature to its already existing Carolinas mobile app. The app provides users with access to more than 164 currently active clinical trials at the System’s Levine Cancer Institute.

The app, which is available to physicians, patients and the general public through the iTunes App Store or Google Play, contains information about each trial, including eligibility, disease site, lead physicians/investigators, drugs or devices used, participating locations and contact information.

Learn more about the Carolinas app.

“This app will constantly be updated with live trial availability, and is very user-friendly and searchable,” said Mark King, AVP of clinical trials at the Institute. “Patients and referring physicians in the region should find this helpful in identifying a cancer trial of interest from our portfolio and being able to contact the appropriate trials expert directly.”

Clinical trials advance cancer research, and are designed to test new methods for treating, finding, diagnosing and preventing cancer. Currently, less than 5 percent of adult cancer patients sign up for them, according to the National Cancer Institute. This new app will provide patients, families and their doctors with more information about clinical trials, paving the way for a better understanding of the value of trials.

The app is available to all iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablet users. It is part of the System’s consumer application, “Carolinas,” and can be found by searching the keywords “Carolinas” or “Carolinas HealthCare System.” Individuals who have already downloaded the Carolinas app will now be able to see this new feature once they update the app.