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Should People with Arthritis Exercise? Absolutely, Says System Physician - Archived

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It’s a common myth that people with arthritis shouldn’t exercise, says Dr. Samuel Adkins, family medicine and sports medicine expert. When really, exercise can make you feel better by easing arthritis pain and joint stiffness. Dr. Adkins offers these life-enhancing recommendations for people with arthritis:

Daily activities. Organized exercise plans aren’t for everyone. That’s ok. Try gardening, shopping, light housework, leisure walking or swimming.

Keep it simple for long-term success. Follow an easy routine. Set realistic goals. Find a walking buddy or exercise group to keep you on track. Know why you exercise (how you benefit). Break up cardiovascular activity into three 10-minute chunks per day.

Prepare before exercise. You can help minimize pain, stiffness and fatigue before you’re active. Some people enjoy a warm shower. Warm up for 10-15 minutes before exercise, too.

Cool down. At the end of your activity, return heart rate to normal by slowing your walking or biking pace, lifting weights or stretching.

Protect your joints. According to Dr. Adkins, some protective measures are walking on flat level surfaces, wearing good athletic shoes, avoiding high-impact activities and paying attention to your body. Muscle soreness is normal. Don’t ignore pain.

Talk with your doctor. Always discuss new exercise programs with your healthcare provider. Carolinas HealthCare experts like Dr. Adkins can help people with arthritis find an exercise plan that’s right for you. And, keep the conversation going so that you can make regular adjustments to your workout regimen.

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