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Chronic Pain Treatment Strategies to be Discussed at Upcoming Conference - Archived

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Medical professionals are invited to attend “Chronic Pain 2013: Visions for the Future: Perspectives, Myths, and New Approaches” on April 25 from 12-5 p.m. The conference is designed to provide specific treatment strategies for treating the chronic pain to local healthcare professionals in the emergency department, urgent care and family practice settings.

This program will provide information about chronic pain alternative treatment modalities, the importance of using available electronic medical data reporting systems, information and training on coding and billing, and provide additional assessment tools for use when treating chronic pain patient.

Topics include:

  • A community approach to lower-risk chronic pain management: Project Lazurus
  • The evolving standard for chronic pain management
  • Rational approach to chronic pain management for the general medical practitioner
  • Nature of pain and the role and limitations of opioids in chronic pain management
  • Monitoring, referral, intervening, and when to stop prescribing
  • Adjunctive treatment: Non-opioid alternatives for multi-modal pain management
  • Recognizing and intervening with addiction and the role of opioid agonist therapies
  • CSRS: What it's for, how to use it, and how to sign up
  • Coding and billing considerations: Optimizing reimbursement for services provided
  • Additional resources such as electronic assessment tools for Medicaid Access II patients, Provider Portal, CPI Toolkits, SBRT
  • Interactive panel discussions