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Couple is 'Back in the Saddle' After Knee Replacement Surgery at CMC-Lincoln - Archived

Vernon and Myra Maxwell of Iron Station, NC in Lincoln County rode horses their entire lives. But like a lot of Americans, the Maxwells suffered from knee pain that made the activities they loved more difficult. They turned to Dr. Ted Parcel, an orthopedic surgeon with Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln.

From the Lincoln Times-News:

They decided to look into knee-replacement surgery, turning to Dr. Ted Parcel, an orthopaedic surgeon with Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln.

Vernon Maxwell said his knees had been bothering him for quite some time. When he first went to see Parcel a few years ago, he was advised that a total knee replacement would be necessary.

He had both his left and then his right knee replaced in staged surgeries. Two years out, he described the work done by Parcel as “top notch,” noting that he’s had very little pain.

“I think the world of him,” Maxwell said of Parcel.

Myra, who is only six weeks out from surgery on her right knee yet already back in the saddle, echoed her husband’s sentiments in praising Parcel.

“He’s a real asset for Lincoln County,” she said.

After successful surgeries by Dr. Parcel, the Maxwells are not only riding horses again, they are participating in barrel racing. They have also enjoyed traveling again. They celebrated their 50th anniversary by vacationing in Hawaii where they both participated in hiking and zip-lining. Vernon recently returned from a mission trip in the Philippines.

Read the Maxwell’s full story at the Lincoln Times-News website.

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