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CHS Introduces "CHS Alerts" RSS Feed in Advance of the DNC

August 28, 2012

Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) has established a “CHS Alerts” RSS feed that will allow subscribers to automatically receive urgent health-related news updates that may be required during the Democratic National Convention (DNC).  Because of CHS’s important role in providing healthcare to visitors and residents during the DNC, news media, law enforcement, community leaders and others would benefit from learning immediately of any changes in how care may be delivered due to convention developments. 

During the DNC, CHS officials will be prepared to update the feed anytime news needs to be communicated to the public in a timely manner. The “CHS Alerts” feed also will publish visual and audio content as appropriate. Each message received by subscribers will include a link to more detailed information related to the news event.  The “CHS Alerts” feed will remain active following the DNC for important healthcare messages that may need to be delivered during future large gatherings, weather situations, transportation issues or other community-wide incidents. 

All information sent through the RSS feed will also be posted on the CHS web site, all CMC hospital web sites, system Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.  

 CHS offers additional RSS feeds, including a general CHS News feed, and feeds that are specific to individual CHS facilities. Subscription to any of the CHS RSS feeds is free, and benefits those who wish to be notified whenever CHS issues a news release or an important statement.

 To subscribe to “CHS Alerts”, or to any CHS RSS feed, visit

 To learn more about RSS feeds and how to use them, visit

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