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Heart of a Champion Day Screening Reveals Heart Ailment in Young Athlete
Barrett Myer’s parents know first hand the importance of participating in Carolinas Medical Center – Lincoln’s Heart of a Champion Day program. In 2011, Barrett’s mom Sheryl, registered him for Lincoln County’s first Heart of a Champion Day event. Approxminately 160 students were screened for genetic heart defects that Saturday morning in August 2011. Fortunately, all were found to be free of all three defects screened for during the event. Well, all except for Barrett. Barrett was not as fortunate. The cardiologist saw something on Barrett’s EKG that caused some concern, and ultimately completed the next phase of the screening by conducting an echocardiagram. Barrett, it turned out, was suffering from Wolff-Parkinson - White Syndrome – a heart abnormality that causes irregular, rapid heart beats and can be cured by a surgical procedure. Barrett’s mother was called to the hospital to discuss what the physician saw on his EKG and echocardiagram. She was also told to get him in to see a pediatric cardiologist. Eventually, Barrett would be scheduled for surgery.

After successful surgery to repair this defect, Barrett was back at Heart of a Champion Day this year for his sports physical and cleared to play at North Lincoln High School for the 2012-2013 season. Out of the 274 Lincoln County students screened during the 2012 Heart of a Champion, there were five red flags including two for general medical issues, two for orthopedic concerns, and one heart issue.

Barrett’s mom, Sheryl, says, “We owe Barrett’s life to the Heart of a Champion Day program. He could have died. We had no idea there was ever anything wrong with him. The only medical problem he was ever diagnosed with was asthma and shortness of breath. We realize children die every day with one of these genetic heart defects. We applaud Carolinas Medical Center’s outstanding contribution to the community and our children.”

For more information about Lincoln County’s Heart of a Champion Day program, please contact Pamela J. Frye, Community Relations Coordinator at 980-212-6041.

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