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Physician One of Seven in the U.S. to Offer New Procedure to Detect Infertility

Brad Hurst, M.D., reproductive endocrinologist at the Women’s Institute, is now one of seven physicians in the United States, and the only physician on the east coast, to offer a new minimally-invasive infertility procedure that better detects the cause of infertility in women.

The procedure is called Fertiloscopy and uses the Fertiloscope™, a novel laparoscope developed by French surgeon Antoine Watrelot, M.D. The Fertiloscope™ is the only method of primary screening that provides gold standard accuracy for the early diagnosis and immediate treatment of a number of disorders of the female reproductive organs. Dr. Hurst traveled to Lyon, France to train directly under Dr. Watrelot.

During the procedure, a tiny puncture is made in the vagina and a small camera is inserted into the pelvic cavity. The device allows the fallopian tubes and ovaries to be inspected in their natural state for endometriosis, scar tissue, or other problems that may reduce fertility – and many of the problems can be treated during the procedure.

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