Carolinas HealthCare System
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CMC Hospitals Receive "Outstanding Inpatient Experience" Recognition by JD Power
June 27, 2011

Carolinas Medical Center (CMC), CMC-Pineville, CMC-Mercy, CMC-University, CMC-Union and CMC-NorthEast have been recognized for service excellence under the J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital Program. This distinction acknowledges a strong commitment by the six hospitals to provide “An Outstanding Inpatient Experience.”

“Carolinas Medical Center has demonstrated impressive inpatient performance across multiple hospitals,” said John Clark, director of provider programs at J.D. Power and Associates. “This recognition distinguishes the care these facilities provide and places them within a select group of hospitals nationwide.”

The service excellence distinction was determined by surveying recently discharged patients about their perceptions of their hospital visit and comparing the results to the national benchmarks established in the annual J.D. Power and Associates National Hospital Service Performance Study.

The telephone-based research conducted among CMC patients focuses on the five key drivers of patient satisfaction with their overall inpatient experience. These drivers, which were identified in the national study, are speed and efficiency; dignity and respect; comfort; information and communication; and emotional support.

All six facilities exceed the national benchmark study score for inpatient satisfaction and perform particularly well, compared with the national study, in providing patients with dignity and respect.

CMC, CMC-Mercy, CMC-Pineville, CMC-NorthEast and CMC-Union receive notably high ratings for the courtesy of the doctor and nurses. CMC-University receives high ratings for the respect for privacy and the courtesy of nurses.

"The goal at each Carolinas Medical Center hospital is excellence,” said Dennis Phillips, executive vice president of Carolinas HealthCare System. “This prestigious recognition by J.D. Power and Associates demonstrates that our physicians and staff are meeting this goal, and, of course, patients are the winners when this happens.”

Nongovernmental, acute-care hospitals throughout the nation are eligible for the J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital recognition for inpatient, maternity, cardiovascular, emergency and outpatient services. Distinction is valid for one year, after which time the hospital may reapply for this recognition.