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The True Value of Vaccines – Five Reasons to Vaccinate

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Since the recent outbreak of measles in the United States, debate has been vigorous among parents, lawmakers and medical professionals on the pros and cons of vaccinating. “Parents should be informed about vaccines and their importance in preventing at least 14 very serious childhood diseases,” said Andrew Dews, MD, with Arboretum Pediatrics, part of Carolinas HealthCare System.

Overwhelmingly, pediatricians and primary care physicians say vaccinations are a must and here are five reasons why:

  1. Vaccinations can save your child’s life and protect him or her from more diseases than ever before. Some diseases that once killed thousands of children have been eliminated completely and others are close to eradication. “Polio was one such disease,” Dr. Dews said. “It was one of the most challenging diseases because no one knew what caused it at first. Children faced paralysis and even death. Thanks to the vaccine, polio has just about vanished.”
  2. Vaccines in the United States are the safest and most effective vaccines in the world. Years of testing are required by law before a vaccine is licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration and distributed. Once in use, vaccines are continually monitored for safety and efficacy.
  3. Vaccinations keep disease from spreading. Many of the viruses and bacteria that cause illness and death are still around and can be passed on to those who are not protected by vaccines. The recent measles outbreak is an example of how quickly diseases can spread. One state reported a case of measles in December 2015, but only two months later, that number had jumped to 102 cases, spread across 14 states.
  4. Vaccines protect adults, too. Vaccinations from birth through adulthood provide a lifetime of protection against many diseases and infections, such as influenza, pneumococcal disease, human papillomavirus, and hepatitis A and B.
  5. Vaccines can save time and money. Children who have not been vaccinated can be denied attendance at schools or child care facilities. If adults contract the disease, the result may be chronic disabilities and missed work time, which can devastate a family financially. Getting vaccinated is usually covered by insurance.

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