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Winter Months Bring On Dry, Cracked and Itchy Skin

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Bright sun and cold air outside, followed by dry, heated air inside can cause flair-ups of skin conditions and lead to rashes or severe dry skin. “Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin,” said Adam Ligler, MD, from Mecklenburg Medical Group-Ballantyne, part of Carolinas HealthCare System. “Although we cannot control the weather, there are certainly things we suggest our patients do, in order to protect their skin during colder months.”

Top Skin-Saving Tips
  • Add moisture to the air at home and at work.
    “Using a small humidifier at home and even in your office, will help provide needed moisture to the air around you,” said Dr. Ligler. “Both your skin and your sinuses will benefit from a break from dry, heated air.”
  • Opt for cooler showers or baths.
    Dr. Ligler recommends taking cool showers, instead of very hot. “It may feel good to step into a hot shower on a cold morning, but your skin will suffer from overly hot water and can become dry and itchy as a result,” he said.
  • Moisturize right out of the shower.
    Keeping your skin moisturized is also key. If you tend to have dry skin year round, winter means it’s time to increase the amount and frequency with which you apply moisturizing lotion to your face and body. Doing so directly out of the shower or bath is best, as skin is most receptive to moisturizing then.
  • Consider your food choices, too.
    Some foods may help alleviate the skin stresses of cold days and nights. Dr. Ligler suggests loading up on vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruit and dark leafy greens. “Vitamin C can help boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that maintains skin and other connective tissues,” he said.

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