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Including Mental Health Saves Money, Improves Overall Health

October, 2014 - U.S. News & World Report - Primary and behavioral health care historically have been divided in many ways, including how doctors look at them, how medical care is coordinated and how they are paid for. A patient who has a mental health diagnosis along with a chronic illness can cost up to three times more than a patient with a chronic illness Read More

Tomorrow's Hospital Will Be 'Dynamic'

September, 2014 - U.S. News & World Report - At Carolinas, the goal is to build access to mental health screening and consults into all locations, from the hospital bedside to the ER to the doctor’s office, so emotional well-being becomes another vital sign. Read More

Warning signs can predict suicidal behavior

August, 2014 - Charlotte Observer - If a wealthy, successful celebrity like Robin Williams, who had access to the best treatment for mental illness, succumbed to depression, where’s the hope for others? Read More

Carolinas HealthCare System Mental Health Center and Telepsychiatry

June, 2014 -NPR, Charlotte Talks - Carolinas HealthCare System has always been an innovator, launching a nationally known stroke center and a massive children’s hospital. Now they’ve turned their attention to making behavioral and mental health. Read More

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VIDEO - Peer Support Specialist Delivers Message of Hope and Recovery

VIDEO - Peer Support at Behavioral Health - Davidson

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Research Director at Carolinas HealthCare System Behavioral Health Participating in Clinical Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease