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The flu originates from the Italian word for "influence". The cold and flu are both viral illnesses; meaning that myths related to contracting the flu from activities such as walking in the rain and failing to bundle up in the cold are not true. You have to be exposed to other people with a cold or flu to catch it. The symptoms for a cold or the flu are similar, except that flu symptoms are more severe, come on faster and last longer. With the flu the whole body is affected.

Symptoms include fever (as high as 104° F), chills, body aches, fatigue, weakness, nausea, sneezing and a runny nose.


  • Bed rest
  • Raise the humidity at home (with a humidifier or vaporizer)
  • Drink extra fluids
  • Raise the head of your bed to relieve nasal congestion
  • Gargle with salt water or suck on hard candy
  • Try a saline nasal spray.

Call your doctor if your symptoms worsen in 48 hours and have not resolved.

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