Carolinas HealthCare System

Providers will receive their reappointment application via the email address on file with the Medical Staff Office 120 days prior to the expiration of their current term. A memo is mailed to the provider’s office address a few weeks prior to the distribution of the Reappointment to confirm the email address on file. An incomplete application will result in the loss of your privileges.

Please note if you wish to voluntarily resign your membership and privileges at the end of the current term you will not need to complete the application. Please be sure to notify Staci Hightower, Reappointment Supervisor, of your resignation.

Step 1: OPEN AND REVIEW - Mandatory - Medical Staff Education PowerPoint

  • Please open and read the attached slides relating to Medical Education for EMTALA, Emergency Management, Corporate Privacy and Pain Assessment and Management. **Please note you will be signing an attestation in your application documents indicating you reviwed this PowerPoint.
  • Access the Documentation Library to review any addtional education modules that you will need to complete the application process.

Step 2: Log in to the Application Module 

  • Select "Save & Continue" throughout the process.
  • Check all information carefully for completeness and accuracy. Your application may be pre-populated with information you have provided to us through an initial or reappointment application.
  • Click on Apps -> Provider Additional Forms
  • "Click to Sign" to open document(s)
  • PRINT the Delineation of Privileges (DOP) form(s) and COMPLETE the form(s) by updating the information to reflect your current privleges. ** Note:you do not have to sign these electronically as you will print these to be emailed to ReappointmentMSS

Step 3:  Please complete all information within the apps section. **Complete all re-appointment questions and additional information.

  • Apps -> Carolinas HealthCare System Tab -  Edit each field on the left-hand side
  • Health Status - input your TB and Flu (documentation required)
  • Answer all Questions
  • Click "Review Information"
  • Go to "Sign Documents"
  • "Click to Sign"  to open each document
  • TYPE IN YOUR FULL NAME at the bottom of the document
  • Click "Sign Application"
  • Click "SUBMIT" once all documents are signed