One System

System Profile: Message from CEO

CEO, Michael C. Tarwater

Dear Friends,

The year 2012 brought a significant milestone in the long and proud history of our organization, the adoption of a new vision statement.

Carolinas HealthCare System will be recognized nationally as a leader in the transformation of healthcare delivery and chosen for the quality and value of services we provide.

This statement conveys, very succinctly, our most important aspirations moving forward.

One of those is our intent to lead the transformation of healthcare delivery, rather than simply watch it unfold from the sidelines. Another is expanding our role as a national thought leader. And a third is being the provider of choice in an environment that sees consumer choices multiply, seemingly, by the day.

Propelled by this new vision, we continue to seek new and more effective ways to tell our story. Even in the best of times, it is a challenge for an organization as complex and diverse as ours to maintain a consistent image. In a period of rapid and unpredictable change, it is all the more important to communicate clearly the distinguishing characteristics that make us worthy of trust.

Accordingly, one of our key goals is articulating the full range of benefits that flow from being a single unified enterprise. The pages that follow include a comprehensive overview of those benefits, all organized under the rubric of "One" system, one team, one belief, one mission.

As you read these stories, I think you will be impressed by the extraordinary achievements of our team, which is now comprised of some 60,000 employees working in more than 900 care locations throughout the Carolinas. Through a unique combination of talent, dedication and resourcefulness, they are ensuring our continued success in the brave new world of healthcare.


Michael C. Tarwater

Chief Executive Officer