One System

Board of Commissioners and Advisors

James E. S. Hynes, Chair*

Edward J. Brown III, Vice Chair*

William C. Cannon, Jr., Vice Chair*

Malcolm E. Everett III, Vice Chair*

Vicki S. Sutton, Vice Chair*

G. Kennedy Thompson, Secretary*

Bishop George E. Battle, Jr.*

Amy Woods Brinkley*

Donnie R. Baucom

Thomas M. Belk, Jr.

James W. Cannon

Gracie P. Coleman

Michael R. Coltrane

Rush S. Dickson III

Willis Frank Dowd IV

May Beverly Hemby

Rick Hendrick III**

Hal A. Levinson**

Thomas T. Long III, MD

Albert L. McAulay, Jr.

Thomas C. Nelson

Laurence H. Polsky

Edward K. Prewitt, Jr.

Elizabeth G. Reigel**

Michael D. Rucker**

Felix S. Sabates, Jr.

Angelique R. Vincent-Hamacher**

Donaldson G. Williams

Richard T. Williams**

Ronald H. Wrenn

* Executive Committee | ** Board of Advisors
NOTE: This list includes the names of board members who were in office at the conclusion of calendar year 2012.