Corporate StaffMicheal C. Tarwater, CEOMichael C. Tarwater, MHA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer

  • Joseph G. Piemont
    President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Paul S. Franz, MHA, FACHE
    Executive Vice President, Physician Services Group
  • Greg A. Gombar, CPA
    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Russell C. Guerin, MS, FACHE
    Executive Vice President, Business Development and Planning
  • Laurence C. Hinsdale, MHA, FACHE
    Executive Vice President, Regional Group
  • John J. Knox III, MHA
    Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer
  • Dennis J. Phillips, MHA
    Executive Vice President, Metro Group
  • Roger A. Ray, MD
    Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
  • Connie C. Bonebrake, MSW
    Senior Vice-President, Post-Acute Care Services
  • Eugene A. DeLaddy, Jr.
    Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer
  • Suzanne H. Freeman, RN, MBA
    President, Central Division
  • Frank S. Letherby, MBA, CPA
    Senior Vice President, Physician Services Group
  • W. Spencer Lilly, MHA
    Chief Operating Officer, Central Division
  • Frieda Lowder, MBA, MHA
    Senior Vice President, NorthEast Physician Network
  • Carol A. Lovin, MSN, MHSA
    President, CHS Management Company
  • James T. McDeavitt, MD
    Chief Academic Officer
  • Debra Plousha Moore, MS
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Craig D. Richardville
    Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Michael L. Rose, ME
    President, Carolinas HealthCare Foundation
  • Keith A. Smith, JD
    Senior Vice President & General Counsel
  • Joan T. Thomas, MBA
    President, Managed Health Resources
  • Daniel L. Wiens, MBA, CPA
    Senior Vice President, Carolinas Physicians Network
  • Robert H. Wiggins, Jr., CPA
    Senior Vice President, Financial Services
  • Mary Ann Wilcox, MS, RNC
    Senior Vice President & System Nurse Executive*
  • Phyllis Wingate-Jones, MHA, FACHE
    Division President, Northern Group
  • Zachary J. Zapack, M. Arch
    Senior Vice President, Facilities Management
  • * New position in 2011